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Anime Polls: Vote for Your Favorites!

FEATURE IMAGE anime poll
FEATURE IMAGE anime poll
Vote for your favorite anime, from romance to shonen to comedy. Let us know which anime is the best of the best. And find out which one will reign supreme.

Welcome to the Anime Polls Hub, where your voice shapes the anime universe! Immerse yourself in a haven for anime fans where every vote counts. From thrilling battles to heartwarming stories, this is your chance to champion your beloved series and characters. Join our vibrant community, share your opinions, and let’s see which series or movie needs to be crowned best of the best. And if you can’t see your choice, you can always fill it in.


What is Shonen?

Shonen (also shonen, shounen, or syônen) is an indicator of an anime aimed at the young male (ages 7-18). They tend to be incorporated with the harem, mecha, and martial arts genres and tend to have a strong focus on conflict resolution via fighting (with superpowers or giant robots). Usually, an indecisive protagonist is surrounded by a large number of beautiful women, normally fighting for his attention.

Best Shonen Anime

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