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Evangelion Collectibles: Own a Piece of Anime Royalty

Neon Genesis Evangelion figurines
Neon Genesis Evangelion figurines
Unleash your inner Eva pilot with exclusive Evangelion statues and figures from the Crunchyroll Store. Own a piece of anime history!

In 1995, the arrival of Neon Genesis Evangelion forever changed the anime landscape. This groundbreaking series, directed by the visionary Hideaki Anno, introduced viewers to a post-apocalyptic world where young pilots battled existential threats in towering mechs called Evas. The series’ complex narrative, rich character development, and psychological depth resonated with audiences worldwide, cementing its status as a cultural touchstone.

The Rebirth in Rebuild of Evangelion

The Rebuild of Evangelion movies, a retelling of the original series, breathed new life into the saga. These films not only revisited the cherished story but expanded upon it, offering new perspectives and deepening the lore. The Rebuild series has been instrumental in introducing Evangelion to a new generation of fans while also satisfying the cravings of the original’s devotees.

A Collector’s Dream at Crunchyroll Store

The Crunchyroll Store has become a hub for anime fans seeking to own a piece of their favorite series. With the exclusive Evangelion statues and figures, Crunchyroll offers a tangible connection to the Evangelion universe. Each piece is crafted with an eye for detail, ensuring that fans can appreciate the artistry that goes into bringing these iconic characters to life.

The newest set of polystone collectibles is based on the “Operation Yashima” scene from the Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone film. The new Premium Metallic Color version gives fans and collectors an unexpected opportunity to grab this long-sold-out release!

Eva Unit-01

Eva Unit-01: The iconic purple and green titan, poised for battle.


  • Size: Approx 11.7 inches tall
  • Material: Polystone
  • Manufacturer: INFINITY STUDIOS

Eva Unit-00

Eva Unit-00: Rei’s unit with ESV Shield in one of the series’ best moments


  • Size: Approx 17.6 inches tall
  • Material: Polystone
  • Manufacturer: INFINITY STUDIOS

Eva Unit-00 & Unit-01 statue set

Eva Unit-00 & Unit-01 statue set: The dynamic duo, ready to defend humanity.

Bundle includes:

  • Rebuild of Evangelion – Evangelion Unit-01 Statue (Operation Yashima Premium Metallic Color Ver.) (Crunchyroll Exclusive)
  • Rebuild of Evangelion – Evangelion Unit-00 Statue (Operation Yashima Premium Metallic Color Ver.) (Crunchyroll Exclusive)

These collectibles are not mere toys; they are a homage to the art of anime and a celebration of a series that has profoundly impacted the medium.

Evangelion’s Impact on Anime and Fans

Neon Genesis Evangelion has left an indelible mark on the anime industry. Its exploration of complex themes such as identity, depression, and the human psyche challenged the conventions of storytelling within the medium. The series’ influence extends beyond its narrative and aesthetic contributions; it has shaped how anime is marketed and consumed globally.

Claim Your Evangelion Legacy

The demand for Evangelion merchandise has never waned, with fans eagerly seeking to collect anything from neon genesis figures to neon genesis blu-rays. The Crunchyroll store caters to this fervor, offering exclusive items that are not just collectibles but pieces of anime history.

FAQs Neon Genesis Evangelion Merch

Where can I get Evangelion statues and figures?
The Crunchyroll Store sells exclusive Evangelion statues and figures. These collectibles are perfect for fans who want to own a piece of this legendary series.

What makes the Rebuild of Evangelion movies special?
The Rebuild of Evangelion movies retell the original story with updated animation, new characters, and expanded plotlines. They offer a fresh take on the saga while staying true to the spirit of the original series.

How has Neon Genesis Evangelion influenced anime?
Neon Genesis Evangelion revolutionized anime with its complex storytelling, deep psychological themes, and innovative animation. It paved the way for more mature and thought-provoking anime, leaving a lasting legacy in the industry.

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