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Jeremy Lee on Behavior at Katsucon

English Dubbed Anime Lovers opinion pieceV1
English Dubbed Anime Lovers opinion pieceV1
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I just want to share this. You can go to her Twitter account to read everything. Basically she is bashing Todd Haberkorn because she couldn’t get his autograph during Katsucon 2016. I just want to remind everyone to please treat all voice actors and actresses with respect. Things don’t always go as planned. No matter what you say, there is a reason behind it.

Why can’t the voice actor or actress stay longer to sign stuff for their fans if they really do care about their fans?

Because they need to clear out the room or area they were occupying. There are other events happening and in order for the next event to happen on time, the event before it has to be on time. Sometimes voice actors need to go to a panel, eat, use the bathroom etc. We are all humans and have plans after everything we do. Also they can’t just do something that wasn’t planned out without proper permission. If they do stay for you more fans would ask them to stay.

I had personally been thru it all. I been a line cutter. I been that one guy who camped out for early spot. I even been that guy who was angry at the end of the day but I never blamed the voice actor. Sometimes I blamed the staff for not pushing the line and other people for hogging time. It’s the circle of life.

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When I went to Katsucon 2015, my friend and I camped 2 hrs before Cherami Leigh’s session. When the real line formed we were top 40. Then cutters showed up. The staff don’t want to do anything and I can’t do anything. In the end the session was 1 hr long. Took me 55 minutes just to see cherami. I almost missed her due to hoggers and cutters.

When I went to Anime Boston 2015, the number of people who wanted to see LiSA was so high. Line was suppose to be capped at 100 people but LiSA decided not to cap the line and sign for as many people as she can. Her session was suppose to be 1 hr and few mins if I recall correctly. She ended up staying an extra hour. She ended up signing for way over 500 people. Because she stayed longer, Christine Cabanos session had to be relocated. Half the people who wanted to see Christine didn’t even know where the room and time was changed too.

When I went to AnimeNext 2015 the Todd haberkorn signing was set as soon as doors open for the con. Good but the registration line didn’t open on time. I barely made it to the room after getting my badge. Sadly Todd couldn’t sign for me but to make it up to us he had a staff write a number on my badge which allows me to come to a secret makeup signing. In the end I got my stuff signed.

Things don’t go as planned, that’s why you got to expect the unexpected.

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