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Where to Watch Hunter x Hunter English Dubbed?

Hunter x Hunter English Dubbed where to watch
Hunter x Hunter English Dubbed where to watch
Discover the best platforms and streaming alternatives to Crunchyroll for watching the Hunter x Hunter English dubbed anime series.

Hunter x Hunter is a popular anime show that has won the hearts of fans worldwide with its captivating plot and unforgettable characters. While some anime fans prefer to watch the original Japanese version with English subtitles, others are on the lookout for an English dubbed version. We’ll explore the best platforms and alternatives to Crunchyroll for watching Hunter x Hunter in English. So, let’s dive in and find the perfect option for your English dubbed anime adventure!

Does Crunchyroll have Hunter x Hunter dubbed in English?

No, Crunchyroll (as of writing) doesn’t offer Hunter x Hunter dubbed in English. Crunchyroll focuses on providing anime with Japanese audio and English subtitles, allowing fans to experience the anime in its original form. But recently have included Funimation’s library in their catalog. But if you prefer an English dubbed version, fear not! There are alternative platforms where you can quench your thirst for dubbed anime adventures.

Where Can I Watch Hunter x Hunter English Dubbed?

If you’re eagerly searching for the dub version of Hunter x Hunter, several alternative platforms provide this option. Let’s explore some of the best alternatives where you can watch the dubbed anime online.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Video offers an extensive collection of anime titles, including Hunter x Hunter. With Amazon Prime, you can enjoy the series with English dubbing and immerse yourself in the captivating storyline. Join Gon Freecss and his quest to find his father through the dangerous world of Hunters.


HBO Max is a hub for captivating TV shows and movies and an anime fan’s dream come true. If you’re eager to watch Hunter X Hunter with English dubbing, you’re in for a treat! Since September 23rd, 2020, HBO Max has been streaming the series in English, allowing you to experience the epic battle between Gon and Pitou.


Hoopla is a digital streaming platform that partners with public libraries, providing access to a vast array of content, including anime. Check if your local library is connected to Hoopla, and you might just find Hunter x Hunter dubbed episodes waiting for you.


With its wide-ranging variety of content, Hulu is a well-known streaming service that caters to anime fans. If you prefer to watch your anime with English dubs, you’re in for a treat! Hulu has got you covered with its availability of Hunter x Hunter dubbed in English. The English voice actors have truly demonstrated their skill and talent through several pivotal moments of the series.


Hunter x Hunter English dub is available on Netflix in Canada, India, the United States, and 24 other countries. The platform offers an extensive collection of anime series and movies, and Hunter x Hunter is no exception. Get ready for thrilling adventures, epic battles, and an intricate storyline that will keep you hooked. Don’t miss out on this incredible viewing experience on Netflix.

Is Hunter x Hunter on Netflix? (UPDATE)

According to Comicbook.com, it seems that Hunter x Hunger is set to leave Netflix on July 31st. Although the series had previously left Netflix in 2017 and returned in 2019 with additional episodes, there is no information yet on whether it will make a comeback in the future. Despite the manga continuing with the Succession Contest Arc, there is no news about any new anime projects at this time. If you haven’t watched Hunter x Hunter on Netflix yet, now is a good opportunity to do so before it potentially departs the platform.

Pluto TV

Anime fans should check out Pluto TV, a hidden gem that offers a vast collection of animated content, including the popular series Hunter x Hunter. Even better, Pluto TV offers the English dubbed version of the show for free, without any monthly subscription fees. Don’t miss out on the thrilling action, emotional moments, and intriguing plot twists of this world-renowned series and fan favorite. Tune in to Pluto TV and explore the anime wonders at your disposal.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV, a free ad-supported streaming service, is an excellent platform to watch Hunter x Hunter with English dub. Experience the captivating storyline and action-packed moments in your preferred language.

Blu-Ray or DVD Version: Embrace the Physical Collection

Hunter x Hunter DVD Blu Ray Right Stuf Anime

For fans who prefer to have physical copies of their favorite anime series, including Hunter x Hunter, consider purchasing the Blu-Ray or DVD version. They allow you to own the series and enjoy it with English dubbing at your convenience, even offline.

To add English dubbed anime to your collection, you can explore various options, including official retailers, online stores, and specialty anime shops. One trusted source where you can find the physical copies of Hunter x Hunter is . They offer a wide selection of anime titles, merchandise, and more.

FAQs Hunter x Hunter English Dubbed

Can I watch Hunter x Hunter dubbed in English on Crunchyroll?
No, Crunchyroll does not offer Hunter x Hunter dubbed in English. 

Where Can I watch Hunter x Hunter dubbed in English?
You can watch Hunter x Hunter dubbed in English, including Amazon Prime, Netflix, HBO Max, Hoopla, Hulu, Tubi TV, and Pluto.

Can I buy the DVD version of Hunter x Hunter with English dub?
Yes, you can purchase the DVD version of Hunter x Hunter with English dub at .

Can I watch the English dubbed version of Hunter x Hunter on Funimation?
Funimation, doesn’t have the series in their catalog. But you can still enjoy the movie Hunter x Hunter: Phantom Rouge. Stay updated on Funimation for any future English dubbed episodes of this classic anime. 

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