Unlock The World Of Anime: A Beginner’s Guide To English Dubs

Venture into the world of anime with our beginner’s guide to English-dubbed series. Watch the top 10 English Dubbed anime to start your adventure.

Escape Reality? 30 Anime Worlds You’re Better Off Avoiding!

Embark on a wild ride through these unlivable anime worlds—dangerous, chaotic, and utterly bizarre. Discover why these realms are every anime fan’s worst nightmare!

13 English Dubbed Korean Anime: Get To Know Aeni Animation

Explore the diverse world of English dubbed Korean anime or aeni, from the hit Solo Leveling to the school drama Lookism to heart wrenching Raeliana.

Anime Releases

Where to Watch Hunter x Hunter English Dubbed?

Discover the best platforms and streaming alternatives to Crunchyroll for watching the Hunter x Hunter English dubbed anime series.

The First Dubbed Anime: A Look Back at Astro Boy the Release that Paved the Way

Astro Boy is the first anime to receive an English dub and changed the game for future dub releases.

How to Quickly Determine if an Anime is English Dubbed or Not

Want to know if your favorite anime has an English dub? Check out these simple methods to find out if an anime is dubbed in English.

Season Watch List

8 English Dubbed Anime to Watch in February 2024

Dive into the world of English dubbed anime with our list of must-watch titles for February 2024. From romance to action, find your next binge-worthy series. 

3 English Dubbed Anime to Watch in January 2024

Discover three must-watch English dubbed anime hitting screens in January 2024. From surreal dramas to action-packed adventures and everything else inbetween.

5 English Dubbed Anime To Watch in July 2023

Discover which English dubbed anime are coming out in July 2023. From fantasy and action to romance and comedy watch them on Crunchyroll and Netflix.

Dub Community

Is it Better to Watch Akira in its Dub or Sub Version?

Discover the epic world of Akira! Dive into the debate: Dub or Sub? Uncover the nuances, explore the dubs, and decide which version suits your anime taste.

The Great Debate: Attack on Titan – Sub vs. Dub

Should you watch Attack on Titan in its subbed or dubbed version? Uncover the cultural, emotional, and action-packed allure of this iconic anime.

Laugh Out Loud: Where to Watch Ghost Stories English Dub 

Embark on a ghostly adventure with Ghost Stories Anime English Dub. Find where to watch, laugh at hilarious voice acting, and enjoy the supernatural journey.

Anime Industry

The Evolution of English Dubbed Anime: From the 90s to Now

Explore the evolution of English dubbed anime from ’90s classics, like Sailor Moon and Cowboy Bebop, to today’s streaming revolutions like Crunchyroll.

What Happened to Unraveling its Disappearance

Find out what happened to, the illegal anime streaming website that vanished in 2022 without a trace.

Streaming Sites Where You Can Watch Dubbed Anime Legally

Discover the ultimate streaming sites where you can watch English dubbed anime legally! From originals, new, and the classics.

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