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Facebook Group Rules 2.0

English Dubbed Anime Lovers facebook group
English Dubbed Anime Lovers facebook

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Feel free to post but please be civil and review our group’s rules before doing so.

Keeping this as simple as possible, please be civil when posting or commenting.  There are two things that will get you banned immediately.

  1. Spamming anything but anime
  2. Bullying or abusive behavior towards another member of our group.

Also please refrain from posting hate topics like, “I hate subs, etc …”  Posts of this nature only invite closed-minded arguments (like political discussions) that no one can win.

You should read the rules in their entirety but a few of the most important to know are:

  1. All posts should be anime-related. We are a dubbed anime group first and foremost so posts about those are the most preferable.
  2. Do not flood the group with large amounts of individual posts in a short span of time.
  3. If you’re not sure whether your posts are acceptable PM an admin (names listed at the end of the description)
  4.  While we don’t have any specific rules against posting spoilers, we strongly discourage this practice.  If you must post a spoiler, please post a warning.
  5.  Duplicate posts will be removed with the earliest post remaining.  Please check before you post.

We will no longer allow posts with links to an illegal streaming site or posts that invite comments asking for links to illegal streaming sites. If one is made, it will be deleted. Numerous posts of this nature will warrant a message and possible banishment from the group. We will allow references to those sites like “When will Kiss Anime be up?” Also referring to those sites in the comments is OK too.

While we focus on dubbed anime, we are not against subbed only anime in any way. However, if you post about an anime that is not dubbed, we strongly encourage you to state it as such. This is very helpful for those members that do not watch non-dubbed anime.

We have voice actors in our group. Please do not add a voice actor to the group without getting their permission.  Also, please be courteous towards them as you would any other member of the group.  Allow them to post and comment without bothering them.

We have a website that acts as an extension of our group where you can find reviews our members have written, upcoming dub release dates, a section dedicated to dub VAs and more! Please feel free to check it out!

Additionally, we would like new members to say a little about themselves and anything else about anime they like. We understand the some people are going to feel more comfortable doing this than others and that’s okay.

Admins: Lincoln Brunell, Coby White, Eric Manansala, Hung Khanh Nguyen, Saul Lujan, Zuleika Boekhoudt, Jackson Godfrey and Robert K Patterson.  Spencer Bourne Mitchell is a moderator.


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