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Laugh Out Loud: Where to Watch Ghost Stories English Dub 

Ghost Stories English dub 2
Ghost Stories English dub 2
Embark on a ghostly adventure with Ghost Stories Anime English Dub. Find where to watch, laugh at hilarious voice acting, and enjoy the supernatural journey.

Welcome, fellow anime fans and fans of English dubbed anime! You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a thrilling supernatural adventure filled with laughter. Ghost Stories anime, known for its notorious English dub, offers a unique and hilarious twist on the horror genre. We’ll delve into the notoriety of the official English dub and, most importantly, guide you on where you can watch this captivating series with English voice acting. Get ready for a ghostly ride!

The Notoriety of the Official English Dub of Ghost Stories

The English dubbed version of Ghost Stories anime has gained immense popularity and notoriety among fans for its unconventional approach to localization. The original Japanese version of Ghost Stories, released in 2000, received a lukewarm response due to its serious and eerie tone. However, the production team took a bold and creative approach when it came time for the English dub.

Why the English Dub of Ghost Stories is So Famous

Ghost Stories English dub
Ghost Stories English dub

The English dub of Ghost Stories anime gained fame for several reasons:

Hilarious Voice Acting

The English dub of Ghost Stories took a comedic turn, featuring a script filled with witty and irreverent dialogue. The voice actors were given the freedom to ad-lib and inject humor into their performances, resulting in a hilarious and entertaining experience. The combination of talented voice actors and the comedic script created a unique and memorable viewing experience.

Cultural References and Pop Culture Jokes

The English dub of Ghost Stories incorporated numerous cultural references and pop culture jokes to appeal to Western audiences. These additions enhanced the humor and made the series more relatable to English-speaking viewers. The clever insertion of references to movies, TV shows, and other elements of Western pop culture added an extra layer of enjoyment for fans.

Characterization and Parody

The English dub introduced exaggerated character personalities and parodied various stereotypes, creating memorable and larger-than-life characters. This unique approach added depth and charm to the series, making it stand out from other anime of its genre. The voice actors fully embraced their roles, bringing the characters to life and infusing them with personality and humor.

Who voices the English dub of Ghost Stories?

The English dub of Ghost Stories features a talented cast of voice actors who brought the characters to life with their incredible performances. Here are some notable actors who lent their voices to the series:

  • Hilary Haag: Hilary Haag provided the voice for the main character, Satsuki Miyanoshita. Her portrayal captured Satsuki’s determination and courage as she navigated supernatural occurrences.
  • Chris Patton: Chris Patton voiced Hajime Aoyama, Satsuki’s friend and fellow ghost-hunter. He brought a sense of wit and charm to the character, adding depth to their interactions.
  • Greg Ayres: Greg Ayres took the role of Leo Kakinoki, a mischievous and eccentric character. His energetic performance contributed to the comedic moments throughout the series.
  • Monica Rial: Monica Rial lent her voice to Momoko Koigakubo, one of Satsuki’s classmates. Her portrayal captured Momoko’s bubbly personality and added to the comedic dynamic of the group.

These are just a few of the talented voice actors who made the English dub of Ghost Stories a truly entertaining experience. Their contributions brought the characters to life and added a layer of humor to the series.

Where to Watch Ghost Stories Anime English Dub

Now that you’re excited to embark on this supernatural journey, let’s explore where you can watch Ghost Stories anime with an English dub. Here are some popular platforms where you can find the English dubbed version:

  • Crunchyroll: Immerse yourself in supernatural hilarity by streaming Ghost Stories anime English dub on Crunchyroll. It’s all in their extensive anime library, waiting for you to hit play! Also, it seems the series isn’t available outside the United States. Use a VPN to watch the series. 
  • Amazon Prime: Join the fun on Amazon Prime Video! Rent individual episodes for just $0.99 each, or grab the whole season for $15.99 (prices may vary). Prepare for laughter that will leave you rolling on the floor!
  • Amazon and : Want to own the ghostly mayhem? Grab your own copies of Ghost Stories Anime English Dub on DVD or Blu-ray from Amazon or . Experience the side-splitting adventure anytime you want.

Get Ready for a Ghostly Adventure!

If you’re an English dubbed anime fan looking for a unique and hilarious supernatural series, Ghost Stories anime is a must-watch. The notoriety of its English dub, filled with witty dialogue, cultural references, and memorable characterizations, has made it a fan favorite. With platforms like Crunchyroll and Amazon offering the English dubbed version, you have multiple options to embark on this ghostly adventure. Don’t miss out on the laughter and excitement that awaits you. Grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the supernatural hilarity of Ghost Stories anime in English!

Additional Information about Ghost Stories Anime

To further enhance your understanding of Ghost Stories anime, here are some additional details:

When was Ghost Stories English dub released?

The English dubbed version of Ghost Stories was released in 2005. It gained popularity over the years and has become a cult favorite among anime fans.

Is Ghost Stories English or American?

Ghost Stories anime is originally from Japan and was produced in Japanese. However, the English dub was created specifically for English-speaking audiences.

How many episodes does Ghost Stories have?

The anime consists of 20 episodes. Each episode is filled with supernatural encounters, humor, and memorable moments that will keep you entertained throughout the series.

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