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Antonio Bravo’s top anime picks for 2015

English Dubbed Anime Lovers seven deadly sins
English Dubbed Anime Lovers seven deadly sins

My top 20 anime of 2015.

20. Isuca (No License, Sadly)
19. Saekano (Aniplex USA)
18. Symphogear GX (No license yet)
17. God Eater (Aniplex USA)
16. EtoTama (PonyCan US)
15. Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers
14. GATE (Sentai Filmworks)
13. Overlord (Funimation)
12. Anti Magical War 35th Test Platoon (No license yet, I wish it does)
11. Hakone-Chan (No License Yet)
10. Danchigai (no license yet)
9. Sound Euphonium (PonyCan US)
8. Castle Town Dandelion (Funimation)
7. Classroom Crisis (Aniplex USA)
6. Charlotte (Aniplex USA)
5. Wakaba Girl (Sentai Filmworks)
4. Komori-San Can’t Decline (No License yet)
3. Kantai Collection (Poi, No License yet)
2. Hacka Doll (No License, I wish it does)
1. Gochiusa 2 (Sentai Filmworks)

And top 20 dubs of 2015.

20. Blood Blockade Battlefront (Funimation)
19. Durarara X2 (Aniplex USA)
18. Gangsta. (Funimation)
17. A Lull In The Sea (NIS America)
16. Absolute Duo (Funimation)
15. No Game, No Life (Sentai Filmworks)
14. SAO II (Aniplex USA)
13. Sky Wizards Academy (Funimation)
12. Chuunbiyou (Sentai Filmworks)
11. Ninja Slayer (Funimation)
10. Shomin Sample (Funimation, not finished yet)
9. Brynhildr Of The Darkness (Sentai Filmworks)
8. Disappearance Of Nagato Yuki Chan (Funimation)
7. Assassination Classroom (Funimation)
6. Akame Ga Kill (Sentai Filmworks, not finished on Toonami yet)
5. Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works (Aniplex USA)
4. Chaika, the Coffin Princess (Sentai Filmworks)
3. Seven Deadly Sins (Netflix)
2. Glitter Force (Saban Brands)
1. Uhh……..if Gochiusa gets a dub, then we’ll talk.

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