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Austin Oh’s top picks for 2015

English Dubbed Anime Lovers high school dxd
English Dubbed Anime Lovers high school dxd

I hope everyone had a great 2015 as we move forward to 2016. To top it off, I wrote down my top 20 that was the best anime DVD’s I have seen and also recommend to buy on DVD or if you’ve seen it on TV. I actually had time to do this while working on 2K Invasion episode 52 and 53 which is in the works. When those are done, I have to work on my novels. So let’s get started.

20. Suzuka- it’s a drama series, but a good one at best.
19. Date A Live- It was pretty good.
18. Bamboo Blade- great series. The main character is a small kendo fighter. Not taller than everyone, but she does have the heart of a kendo master. And it has good comedy.
17. Air- Has good comedy in it, and has drama parts. The opening and ending theme songs are worth listening to.
16. Hyper Doll- A good comedy series of two alien girls fighting to save the world. But are too lazy.
15. Corpse Princess- A monk and his shikibane(did I spell that right?) It was overall a good series. And it does have spoilers but I’m not gonna say.
14. Sekirei 2nd season- It was a good show and the main character does get two new Sekirei. Wish there was a 3rd one, but heard it was a poor seller in Japan.(I question why DVD’s get poor sellers in Japan but sells well in America. Kinda like British Comedy not doing well in England but does well in America.)
13. We Without Wings- This is a drama show with comedy in it. It was a good show to watch I’m not gonna lie.
12. Tattoon Master- This was hilarious. One guy is stuck married to a warrior thanks to his mom.
11. Strike Witches 2nd Season and Unbreakable Machine Doll-These two are tied at #11. Strike Witches 2nd season had good storylines. And Unbreakable is like a mystery anime. So those two are tied at #11.
10. Wanna Be The Strongest In The World- This series reminded me of myself when I became a pro wrestler, but I retired because of a dislocated shoulder and health issues, but I may pan to return soon either manager or have one more match(mostly injuries. At least I won a couple titles.). It was a pretty good series. I even have the posters for it.
9. Senran Kagura and Kiddy Grade- Those two are tied at #9. Senran was pretty good. I know it doesn’t have the OVA’S, but that didn’t bother me. I hope Funi picks them up. May have to nag on them to get it.) Kiddy Grade for a PG rating, did very well. I was impressed with it.
8. Sukeban Deka- A mystery and action anime. The battle in episode 2 had me hooked.
7. Lagrange Flower of Rin-ne(two seasons)- The opening and endings I liked, along with the machines that the 3 girls had to pilot. The key is mostly on the 3. Madoka, Lan, and Muganami.
6. Haganai (two seasons)- This series got me hooked so much I didn’t want to take my eyes off it. Storylines and fanservice helped this series out alot than I expected.
5. My Bride is A Mermaid and Ikki Tousen(seasons 3 and 4)- These two are tied at 5. Bride is a Mermaid was recommended to me by VA Alexis Tipton when she was at Tora-Con. So I bought it, and it was great. The comedy was there and the VA’s did a great job on this. Ikki Tousen is extremely popular in Japan. Those two seasons was recommended to me by the Anime clerk himself who is Japanese. He told me that these two are awesome and are great to have. And boy was he right. Those shows didn’t disappoint.
4. Maken-Ki, Sword Art Online 2, and Arcade Gamer Fubuki- These 3 are tied at #4 since I couldn’t decide. Maken-Ki had a great fanservice which is why there is a 2nd season. Like the clerk says, “No fanservice, no anime.” Lol. Sword Art Online was good with their storylines on Sinon and Yuuki. Arcade Gamer Fubuki if you like video games, shows a Girl who enters the video game tournament to prove she is the ultimate gamer.
3. High School DxD(seasons 1 and 2) and Ben-To- The fanservice really helped HSDxD out. Ben-To, the story and the fighting to get a half-priced Ben-To was funny and awesome to watch.
2. Hyperdimension Neptunia- I still don’t know why this isn’t on Toonami yet. That and Lagrange. This is based from a video game and the storylines was good I even own the video games for them. The action was good. This is about console wars but they signed a peace treaty hoping to not fight each other. But it was a good show.
1. Cat Planet Cuties- This was a must get DVD for me. And glad that I did. Cat Aliens visiting Earth to learn more but have to face the Dog Aliens(who are the villains by the way.) I highly recommend getting this.

So those are my top 20 anime of choice/recommend for 2015. 2016, I plan to watch Love Hina on DVD. Any other DVD I see that I maybe interested in, I’m getting. Happy 2016!

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