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Jamielya Pascal’s top picks

English Dubbed Anime Lovers diabolik lovers
English Dubbed Anime Lovers diabolik lovers

I guess since everyone’s doing it, I should do it too lol. Here’s my top anime period (I haven’t watched a lot of the new dubs so I left out 2015) with a bit of commentary next to them

15.Diabolik Lovers (I’m waiting for season 2 to be dubbed)
14. Baka and Test (I’ll never be your donut lmao)
13. The Devil is A Part-Timer (Lol)
12.Saiyuki (Goku’s an idiot and I love him for it)
11. Kill La Kill (Hilarious)
10.Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (got to start off with the classics lol)
9.Maid Sama (I normally stay away from Shoujo anime but I was curious and it made me instantly hooked because of Usui haha)
8.Free! Eternal Summer (I need to re-watch the first season in English now)
7.Michiko and Hatchin (this anime was quite interesting)
6.Soul Eater Not! (Despite what everyone else thought, I thought it was cute and charming. The anime style was intriguing as well)
5.Attack on Titan Junior High (lol enough said)
4.Ouran High School Host Club (What can I say? I’m a sucker for comedic bishis lmao)
3. Psycho-Pass (I love Kogami and Ginoza so much it’s ridiculous lol)
2. Fairy Tail (I can’t wait for the Sun Village Arc)
1. Attack on Titan (I love the raw grittiness of this show and the voices fit magnifiently)

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