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Zuleika Boekhoudt’s top picks

English Dubbed Anime Lovers gangsta
English Dubbed Anime Lovers gangsta

So since almost everyone is doing a top list for 2015 here is mine (although not released in 2015):

1 Baccano
2 Fate zero
3 Blood C (+movie)
4 Gangsta
5 Log Horizon
6 Attack on titan
7 Tokyo Ghoul
8 Supernatural the animation
9 Tokyo magnitude 8.0
10 GYO
11 Death Parade
12 Five numbers
13 Sword art online (+OVA and 2nd season)
14 Denpa Teki na Kanojo
15 Btooom
16 Another
17 Aldnoah zero
18 Hamatora
19 King of Thorn
20 Moryo no Hako

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