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30 Anime Worlds You’re Better Off Avoiding!

The Promised Neverland
The Promised Neverland
Embark on a wild ride through these unlivable anime worlds—dangerous, chaotic, and bizarre. Discover why these realms are every anime fan’s worst nightmare!

Ever dreamt of stepping into the fantastical realms of anime? Well, not all anime worlds are a utopian escape. Brace yourselves as we delve into the ’30 Anime Worlds to Avoid,’ where survival becomes an art, and living is a perilous journey. From dimensions dripping with danger to universes teetering on the brink of chaos, these animated nightmares will make you appreciate the mundane reality. So, put on your virtual seatbelt as we explore realms that would make your worst Mondays seem like a tropical vacation.

[C] CONTROL – The Money and Soul of Possibility – Future Collateral Battles

C  CONTROL The Money and Soul of Possibility
C CONTROL The Money and Soul of Possibility

Why you don’t want to live here: Financial Manipulation, Extreme Inequality, Existential Threat, Moral Dilemmas, Erosion of Genuine Connections

In [C] CONTROL – The Money and Soul of Possibility, money isn’t just a means of exchange; it’s power, and your future is the collateral. Kimimaro Yoga, a struggling student, ventures into the Financial District, where battles using future assets determine one’s fate. 

The anime delves into the moral quandaries of wealth, presenting a dystopian world where financial battles overshadow genuine human connections, leading to a society driven by greed and devoid of true happiness. Living here would mean navigating a cutthroat financial landscape where the stakes are nothing less than your own existence. The allure of wealth comes at the cost of moral decay and the erosion of what makes us human. 

[C] CONTROL – The Money and Soul of Possibility‘s world is undoubtedly one of the unlivable anime dimensions where the pursuit of wealth is a dangerous game with no clear winners, only losers.

Demon Slayer – Man-Eating Demons

Demon Slayer
Demon Slayer

Why you don’t want to live here: Demon Threat, Limited Protection, Loss and Tragedy, Demonic Abilities and Curses, Supernatural Environments

In the captivating yet dangerous world of Demon Slayer, where demons feast on human flesh, survival isn’t a given. It’s a daily battle. Tanjirou Kamado‘s journey from an impoverished mountain life to a demon-infested nightmare is no easy feat. The allure of becoming a Demon Slayer may seem exciting. But the brutal reality of training for two years and facing demons that the Hashira struggle against is nothing short of a treacherous odyssey.

The threat looms large as demons, equipped with supernatural abilities and an insatiable appetite for humans, pose an ever-present danger. The limited protection offered by the Demon Slayer Corps leaves vast areas vulnerable, exposing inhabitants to the constant fear of demonic attacks. The emotional toll is equally heavy, with the anime portraying the heart-wrenching loss of loved ones, emphasizing the harsh realities of a world where tragedy strikes without warning.

Add demonic abilities and curses into the mix, and you’re faced with a life under constant fear and uncertainty. From shape-shifting demons to curses that transform humans, the supernatural elements contribute to an environment where danger is not just around the corner but embedded in every shadow. Navigating demon-infested landscapes further adds to the harrowing experience, making Demon Slayer’s world a place where survival is a triumph and tragedy lurks in every darkened corner. Living here means embracing a life where each day brings the potential for loss, despair, and a fight for survival against unearthly forces.

Seraph of the End – Vampire Apocalypse

Seraph of the End
Seraph of the End

Why you don’t want to live here: Vampire Domination, Viral Epidemic, Blood Tax, Brutal Combat, Betrayal and Intrigue, Unpredictable Allies

In the post-apocalyptic realm of Seraph of the End, where a deadly virus has decimated most of humanity, surviving is a harrowing endeavor. Vampires, once hidden, rise to power, subjecting humans to a life of blood tax and brutal oppression. Humans live in constant fear under vampire domination and are reduced to livestock, their rights stripped away. The cursed gear virus, wiping out those above 13, perpetuates vulnerability and fear, turning survival into a daily battle.

Amidst the chaos, the human resistance fights back with sentient weapons, but success is far from guaranteed. The blood tax becomes a dehumanizing ritual, and humans endure brutal combat, facing physical and emotional tolls. Political intrigue and betrayals further complicate survival, making trust a rare commodity. Unpredictable alliances emerge, blurring the lines between friend and foe. Seraph of the End‘s world is one of endless struggle, where living means navigating a landscape teeming with oppression, violence, and the ever-present threat of betrayal. In this unforgiving world, survival isn’t just a challenge; it’s a test of resilience against overwhelming odds.

Girls’ Last Tour – Post-Apocalyptic Journey

Girls' Last Tour
Girls’ Last Tour

Why you don’t want to live here: Post-Apocalyptic Environment, Scarcity of Resources, Isolation and Loneliness, Psychological Toll, Lack of Infrastructure, Uncertain Future

In Girls’ Last Tour, the remnants of a broken city are the backdrop to Chito and Yuuri’s last surviving moments. Amidst the barren landscapes and deserted buildings, the girls scavenge for remnants of the past, their journey marked by scarcity, loneliness, and the weight of an uncertain future. The post-apocalyptic environment, devastated by an undisclosed catastrophe, offers a unique perspective on survival and friendship. But living here would be a relentless struggle for humans.

As Chito and Yuuri navigate the crumbling remnants of civilization, the scarcity of resources becomes evident. The constant search for food and fuel becomes a daily battle, making survival a harsh reality. The isolation and loneliness in a world with few survivors add to the emotional toll, highlighting the importance of companionship found in rare connections. 

Yet, the psychological burden of existential questions lingers as the absence of a clear future and the collapse of infrastructure intensify the hardships of survival. Girls’ Last Tour‘s world is a grim reminder of the fragility of humanity, where living means enduring a relentless struggle in a desolate landscape where hope is a distant memory.

Tokyo Ghoul – Flesh-Eating Ghouls

Tokyo Ghoul
Tokyo Ghoul

Why you don’t want to live here: Fear of Being Hunted and Devoured, Secrecy and Paranoia,  CCG and Anteiku Conflict, Cannibalism and Transformation, Loss of Identity, Government Suppression

Humans unknowingly coexist with flesh-eating ghouls, supernatural beings that pose a constant threat in Tokyo Ghoul. The English dubbed horror anime has a captivating narrative of survival in this world. Still, it is overshadowed by the harsh reality of ghoul predation. Ghouls, possessing superhuman abilities, require human flesh to survive, creating an atmosphere of terror for humans, who become the prey.

The need for secrecy and paranoia saturates the Tokyo Ghoul world as ghouls hide among humans, blurring the lines between friend and foe. Caught in the conflict between the Commission of Counter Ghoul (CCG) and Anteiku, you’ll face the grim prospect of becoming collateral damage in a war between forces striving for coexistence and eradication. Witnessing gruesome acts of cannibalism and the transformation of individuals into mindless monsters adds to the nightmarish existence.

Suppose you’re unfortunate enough to be turned into a ghoul. In that case, the internal struggle and loss of human identity become deeply traumatic. As the government actively suppresses information, creating a lack of awareness and preparedness, humans find themselves in a world where danger lurks in the shadows, and violence is a constant companion. 

Tokyo Ghoul‘s world is treacherous and nightmarish, and the line between survival and horror is thin, making it an extremely dangerous and traumatizing realm to inhabit.

Shimoneta – Censorship and Control


Why you don’t want to live here: Suppression of Freedom, Lack of Sexual Education, Repression and Frustration, Lack of Intimacy and Emotional Connection, Government Surveillance, Lack of Personal Autonomy

In the dystopian society of Shimoneta, all forms of lewdness and obscene language are strictly censored by an oppressive government. This satirical take on societal control explores a world where freedom of expression, particularly in sexual matters, is severely curtailed. 

In this unlivable world, the lack of sexual education results in a society misinformed about human biology and sexuality, hindering the development of healthy relationships. The strict censorship leads to repression and frustration, with individuals grappling with the suppression of natural desires. The constant fear of government surveillance fosters paranoia, eroding trust among the population. 

Ultimately, living in Shimoneta means sacrificing personal autonomy, as you lose control of your bodies and choices. While the anime is hilarious, if you strip away the jokes, it becomes a repressive and dehumanizing world. 

Alice in Borderland – Deadly Alternate Reality

Alice in Borderland
Alice in Borderland

Why you don’t want to live here: Constant Life-Threatening Challenges, Lack of Trust and Betrayal, Psychological Toll, Scarcity of Resources, Loss of Humanity, Uncertainty and Lack of Escape.

Alice in Borderland is different from the children’s novel. You’ll find yourself tangled in a parallel Tokyo, thrust into deadly games to survive. With life hanging in the balance, constant challenges push you to your limits. The need for alliances becomes a dangerous dance of trust and betrayal, making genuine connections a rare commodity. The psychological toll is profound, with trauma and anxiety as constant companions. 

To make matters worse, the scarcity of resources unleashes a perpetual struggle for survival, amplifying the harrowing experience. Ethical boundaries blur in games challenging morality, leading to a loss of humanity. Trapped with no clear escape, uncertainty prevails, creating an environment of fear and despair. 

Alice in Borderland is a world that will test the limits of survival, making it a highly harrowing and emotionally draining place for you to endure.

Berserk – Violent Demon Battles


Why you don’t want to live here: Demonic Threats, Merciless Warfare, Human Cruelty and Betrayal, Oppressive and Corrupt Authority,  Existential Despair, Supernatural Curses and Dark Forces

The world of Berserk, a dark and brutal medieval-fantasy realm, unfolds with violence, despair, and supernatural horrors. In a landscape infested with demonic threats, you’ll face constant terror and struggle for survival. Wars ravage the land, exposing you to the horrors of ruthless warfare and the inherent risks of displacement and harm. 

Let’s not forget that human cruelty and betrayal add to the harshness, creating an environment of constant fear and suspicion. Oppressive and corrupt authorities prioritize self-interest, leading to widespread suffering. Existential despair looms as shattered dreams and uncertainty define your future. Oh, and one more thing: supernatural curses and dark forces will torment you constantly, creating an atmosphere of dread. 

In this harsh and inhospitable world, you’ll endure constant danger, suffering, and hopelessness, making it an exceedingly grim and nightmarish place to live. So, you’re better off avoiding it!

Devilman Crybaby – Demonic Possession and Chaos

brutal horror anime devilman crybaby
Devilman Crybaby

Why you don’t want to live here: Demonic Invasion, Loss of Humanity, Betrayal and Mistrust, Societal Collapse, Psychological Toll, Existential Dread

Ranked as the best anime of 2018, Devilman Crybaby takes place in a realm with supernatural creatures and the inherent darkness within humanity. In short, it’s a highly unfavorable place to live.

Demons can possess humans, creating an atmosphere of fear and paranoia. The struggle against the loss of humanity intensifies as individuals merge with demonic entities, leading to a profound existential crisis. Betrayal and mistrust among humans make genuine connections nearly impossible. Societal collapse follows, with institutions breaking down and lawlessness prevailing. The psychological toll of constant exposure to violence and the battle against inner demons takes a severe toll on your mental well-being. The blurring line between good and evil creates an unsettling atmosphere of existential dread and moral ambiguity. 

Living in this bleak and nightmarish anime world would subject you to constant danger, despair, and the unsettling challenges of navigating a morally ambiguous existence.

Made in Abyss – Treacherous Abyss Secrets

Made in Abyss
Made in Abyss

Why you don’t want to live here: Deadly and Unpredictable Environment, Curse of the Abyss, Limited Resources and Isolation, Reliance on Dangerous Artifacts, Psychological Toll, Moral Ambiguity

Despite how beautifully the world of Made in Abyss is animated, it’s filled with mysterious creatures and artifacts that can make the place quite dangerous to your health. The environment is deadly and unpredictable, demanding that you be constantly vigilant and courageous. The Abyssal Curse adds to the challenges, making survival a dangerous venture with the risk of physical and mental deterioration.

Limited resources and isolation will heighten your struggle for survival, creating a constant state of scarcity and vulnerability. Reliance on valuable yet dangerous artifacts introduces additional risks, testing your resilience when exploring the Abyss. Moreover, the psychological toll of facing constant danger and navigating moral ambiguity will have an emotional toll on you. 

In this anime world of captivating wonders and imminent dangers, you’ll find yourself in a challenging and hazardous existence, grappling with ethical dilemmas, scarce resources, and the ever-present threats of The Abyss.

Darwin’s Game – Life-Threatening Game Battles

Darwin's Game
Darwin’s Game

Why you don’t want to live here: Forced Participation,  Dangerous Battles, Betrayal and Deception, Psychological Toll, Lack of Consequences, Unpredictable Game Mechanics

In the treacherous realm of Darwin’s Game, seemingly ordinary individuals become involuntary participants in a brutal virtual reality game. Struggling for survival, players must navigate dangerous battles with unique abilities while facing the constant threat of betrayal and deception. The psychological toll is immense, with fear of death, pressure to win, and loss of loved ones leading to widespread distress. 

The lack of permanent consequences for killing perpetuates a cycle of violence, and the unpredictable game mechanics create an environment of perpetual uncertainty. 

Living in this world means surrendering freedom to forced participation, enduring ruthless combat, navigating a landscape of mistrust, and facing a continuous strain on mental well-being.

Gantz – Deadly Alien Encounters


Why you don’t want to live here: Forced Participation and Death Game, Ruthless and Violent Battles, Moral Ambiguity and Ethical Dilemmas,  Lack of Information and Control, Psychological Toll and Post-Traumatic Stress, Lack of Human Connection and Solidarity

In Gantz, death is not an escape but an entrance into a twisted game controlled by a mysterious entity. Forced into deadly missions against alien creatures, you, like Kei Kurono, will experience ruthless battles, moral ambiguity, and a profound lack of information and control. 

The psychological toll you’ll go through is severe due to trauma and PTSD. Living in this nightmarish anime world means constant fear, violence, and despair, where human connection is scarce and trust is a rare commodity. 

Gantz will challenge your humanity, creating an exceedingly challenging and detrimental environment for you to inhabit. 

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress – Kabane Zombie Threat

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress
Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

Why you don’t want to live here: Constant Threat of Kabane, Limited Safe Zones, Struggle for Resources, Isolation and Lack of Connectivity, Moral Ambiguity and Internal Conflicts, Loss of Humanity and Fear of Infection

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress takes us to a place where humanity faces a relentless threat from the Kabane, zombie-like creatures hungry for human flesh. Survivors are confined to limited safe zones, dealing with overpopulation, resource scarcity, and constant internal conflicts. 

The struggle for survival pushes individuals to ethical compromises, fostering an atmosphere of distrust and moral ambiguity. Isolation and fear of infection add psychological strain, creating an inhospitable environment. 

It’s a treacherous anime world where danger lurks at every turn, making it a place you’re better off avoiding or run the chance of becoming a Kabane.

Death Note – Deadly Supernatural Notebook

Death Note
Death Note

Why you don’t want to live here: Absolute Power and Corruption, Loss of Privacy and Trust, Vigilante Justice and Lack of Due Process, Fear of Being Targeted, Psychological Toll and Mental Warfare, Ethical Dilemmas and Moral Decay

Death Note is one of those anime worlds where luck and how nice you are to others determine your chances of survival. The story centers around a supernatural notebook that grants its wielder the power to control life and death. 

The Death Note’s absolute power corrupts, fostering fear and moral decay to its wielder. Privacy loss and trust erosion become rampant, with the notebook allowing vigilante justice and bypassing due process, leading to chaos and injustice. The fear of being targeted stifles free expression, creating constant anxiety. 

But let’s imagine you’re in the midst of it all. The battles of wits and manipulation will have a severe psychological toll on you. In addition, if the truth gets out, it will cause unimaginable suffering and a breakdown in society. 

Psycho-Pass – Thought Crime Enforcement

Psycho Pass

Why you don’t want to live here: Loss of Personal Freedom, Constant Surveillance and Lack of Privacy, Preemptive Justice and Criminal Profiling, Stagnation and Lack of Progress, Psychological Manipulation and Control, Dehumanization and Loss of Empathy

In the supposed utopian future of Psycho-Pass, the Sibyl System governs society, evaluating citizens’ mental states for criminal potential. This seemingly objective system explored through the lens of protagonist Akane Tsunemori, strips away personal freedom and dictates lives. 

Constant surveillance permeates the world, creating an atmosphere of anxiety and stifling individuality. The system’s preemptive justice relies on subjective profiling, sacrificing due process for perceived social stability. The consequences include stagnation, inhibiting progress, and creativity. 

Psychological manipulation by Sibyl raises ethical questions, manipulating emotions to maintain control. The dehumanizing nature of reducing individuals to mere statistics erodes empathy and genuine connections. 

In this oppressive and dehumanizing world, Psycho-Pass presents an exceedingly challenging and detrimental environment for humans to inhabit. However, if you behave accordingly and don’t have any violent thoughts, your chances of survival would be pretty high. 

The Promised Neverland – Harvesting Human Flesh

worst anime mothers isabella the promised neverland
The Promised Neverland

Why you don’t want to live here: Existential Threat, Loss of Childhood and Innocence, Lack of Freedom and Autonomy, Moral Dilemmas and Betrayal, Loss of Hope and Purpose, Dehumanization and Objectification: 

Imagine yourself as an eleven-year-old orphan with your only support system, other children of the same age, and adults who have raised and loved you your entire life. Then, finally, leave the orphanage with the woman who raised you, only to deliver you to grotesque-looking creatures who’re salivating at their next meal. 

That’s the life you’ll have in The Promised Neverland. A nightmarish world where orphans discover their fate as livestock for demonic creatures. The constant existential threat, loss of childhood innocence, and lack of freedom create a bleak and dehumanizing environment.

This harrowing reality, disguised as a haven, showcases the series’ depth and darkness, making it an exceedingly bleak and detrimental world for humans, especially children.

Highschool of the Dead – Zombie Outbreak Survival

Highschool of the Dead
Highschool of the Dead

Why you don’t want to live here: Constant Danger and Fear, Scarcity of Resources, Breakdown of Infrastructure and Services, Loss of Loved Ones and Emotional Trauma, Moral Dilemmas and Desperation, Diminished Hope for the Future

A deadly pandemic turns most of the population into flesh-eating zombies in Highschool of the Dead. Life becomes a struggle for survival, with the constant danger of zombie attacks, lack of resources, and breakdown of societal infrastructure. All the while, if you’re lucky enough, you’re stuck with a group of people that you otherwise wouldn’t hang out with.

It’s a harrowing and detrimental environment where the survival of the fittest takes on an entirely new meaning.

Chainsaw Man – Monstrous Devil Hunters

Chainsaw Man
Chainsaw Man

Why you don’t want to live here: Constant Threat of Devils, Collateral Damage and Destruction, Corruption and Manipulation, Loss of Innocence and Morality, Fragmented Society and Distrust, Existential Crisis and Despair

In Chainsaw Man, humans coexist with formidable demonic entities known as Devils. The constant threat of Devils, capable of widespread destruction, creates an atmosphere of endless fear. As powerful organizations exploit these entities for personal gain, corruption and manipulation run rampant, destroying any sense of trust and fostering a pervasive sense of injustice. 

Living in this world means navigating through a dangerous and morally ambiguous environment where the odds are stacked against humans, leading to psychological distress and a detrimental existence.

Btooom! – Real-Life Bomb Game


Why you don’t want to live here: Brutal Survival Game, Lack of Trust and Betrayal, Loss of Empathy and Morality, Psychological Trauma, Lack of Basic Necessities, Diminished Hope and Purpose

Raising children as a parent can be a challenging task. Despite the efforts to provide for them, children may sometimes be ungrateful. Additionally, it can be difficult when you choose to express yourself in a way that goes against society’s norms. In the anime series, Btooom! These people are unexpectedly thrown into a deadly survival game where the only option is to win or die.

The island lacks basic amenities, and participants must scavenge for resources, leading to competition and desperation. Forming alliances is fraught with distrust and betrayal, eroding human connections. The need to kill for self-preservation challenges morality, causing a decay in empathy. 

Living in a world where the struggle for survival is constant, prospects for a better life are bleak, and alliances are fragile would result in fear, despair, and the decline of humanity. But worse of all, you don’t choose to be there, you’re forced.

Parasyte – The Maxim – Body-Infesting Parasites

Parasyte The Maxim
Parasyte The Maxim

Why you don’t want to live here: Invasion by Parasytes, Threat to Human Survival, Loss of Identity and Humanity, Breakdown of Social Order, Existential Angst and Moral Dilemmas, Loss of Loved Ones and Emotional Turmoil

In Parasyte: The Maxim, parasitic creatures invade, taking control of human hosts. These extraterrestrial organisms infiltrate human brains, turning individuals into ruthless predators. The constant threat to human survival creates an atmosphere of extreme distrust and fear, where distinguishing friend from foe becomes impossible. 

The invasion causes social disorder as Parasites alter their hosts’ identities. Moral dilemmas and constant questioning of humanity’s nature contribute to a sense of existential angst. 

Surviving in this parasitic world means navigating continuous danger and the risk of losing one’s identity.

Junji Ito – Horrifying Supernatural Phenomena

Junji Ito
Junji Ito

Why you don’t want to live here: Existential Dread, Body Horror and Transformations, Supernatural Curses and Entities, Psychological Horror and Madness, Loss of Loved Ones, Isolation and Distrust

In the nightmarish realm of the Junji Ito anime, horror maestro Junji Ito explores the depths of human fears. The pervasive sense of existential dread blurs the line between reality and nightmares, causing constant anxiety about the unknown. 

The world is filled with grotesque body horror and disturbing physical transformations that challenge the very essence of normalcy. Supernatural curses and entities haunt and torment, inflicting pain with no logical escape. Psychological horror delves into the human psyche, unraveling sanity and creating a profound loss of mental stability. 

The frequent portrayal of loss and the resulting emotional distress perpetuates an endless state of mourning. In this nightmarish anime dimension, isolation and distrust become inevitable as self-preservation overrides empathy.

Claymore – Yoma-Hunting Female Warriors


Why you don’t want to live here: Constant Threat of Demonic Attacks, The Dangers of Claymores, Discrimination and Social Alienation, Sacrifices and Loss, Psychological Toll, Fragile Existence: 

Claymore explores the world of shape-shifting demons known as Yoma as they threaten human existence. Life is a delicate dance between survival and despair. Constantly targeted by bloodthirsty Yoma, humans live in fear, their safety dependent on the very beings, the Claymores, who carry the risks of losing their own humanity. Discrimination and social alienation further fragment society, while sacrifices made by Claymores for protection lead to personal suffering and a sense of hopelessness. Also, those who stray from societal norms or outcasts are suspected of being Yoma and are treated horrendously. 

The psychological toll, marked by violence and trauma, casts a pervasive shadow on sanity. In this volatile world, Claymore embodies a harrowing existence—where demons, warriors, and fragile equilibrium converge, creating an atmosphere of fear, despair, and the decay of humanity. 

In other words, living here would be an exceedingly challenging and detrimental experience for you.

Terra Formars – Mutated Martian Cockroaches

brutal horror anime terra formars
Terra Formars

Why you don’t want to live here: Unpredictable Terraformars, Alien Engine Virus Cure Quest, Terraformar Intelligence, Super Mega Powers Needed

Embarking on a journey to colonize Mars sounded like a grand idea, but Terra Formars turns it into a nightmare reality. The attempt to terraform the planet with algae and cockroaches leads to a mutated menace—the Terraformars. Imagine humanoid cockroaches armed with super strength, unique abilities, and cunning intelligence.

Living on Earth is already challenging, but the Alien Engine Virus throws humanity into a desperate quest for a cure, pinpointed on the infested Mars. The Annex I team, genetically enhanced with Earth’s deadliest traits, faces a gruesome battle against these insectoid monstrosities. 

To thrive here, you’d need more than courage—a dash of insanity, perhaps superpowers, and a knack for outsmarting the ultimate insectoid Arnold Schwarzeneggers. In Terra Formars, Mars isn’t a colony but a colossal cockroach battleground. Unless you’re equipped with super mega powers and a bug-busting army, it’s a world best avoided.

Jujutsu Kaisen – Cursed Beings and Sorcery

Jujutsu Kaisen
Jujutsu Kaisen

Why you don’t want to live here: Malevolent Cursed Spirits, Risks of Curses and Cursed Energy, Burden of Sorcery, Collateral Damage and Destruction, Corruption and Power Struggles, Loss of Innocence

Stepping into the world of Jujutsu Kaisen may sound like a thrilling supernatural adventure, but the reality is far from that. Picture a world where malevolent cursed spirits, fueled by human negativity, roam freely, threatening to unleash havoc.

Sorcerers, tasked with protecting humanity, bear a heavy responsibility that extends beyond mere duty. Life-and-death struggles, the witnessing of innocent suffering, and internal conflicts create a palpable emotional burden. The collateral damage caused by battles between sorcerers and cursed spirits results in widespread destruction, leaving entire neighborhoods devastated.

However, the threats aren’t confined to external forces alone. Corruption within the sorcery world and power struggles among guardians cast shadows of doubt on the reliability of those meant to protect. Innocence is repeatedly lost as battles claim the lives of the innocent, leading to a pervasive sense of hopelessness. 

In this world, the allure of supernatural abilities and mystical battles comes at the cost of constant danger, emotional turmoil, and the deterioration of humanity. It’s a place where curses are not just supernatural entities but a reflection of the brutal challenges that await anyone daring to step into this dark and unpredictable realm.

Blood-C – Bloodthirsty Elder Bairns

Blood C
Blood C

Why you don’t want to live here: Supernatural Threats, Deception and Manipulation, Sacrifice and Loss, Isolation and Secrecy, Loss of Identity and Purpose, Perpetual Violence and Despair

Imagine a world where darkness shrouds reality, and your every step is haunted by bloodthirsty creatures known as Elder Bairns. In the harrowing realm of Blood-C, supernatural threats are relentless, with these monstrous entities prowling, driven by an insatiable hunger for human blood. Unbeknownst to the inhabitants, their lives are mere pawns in a larger scheme—a distorted reality designed to perpetuate a cycle of violence.

Little by little, this world reveals its true nature—a dystopian nightmare of sacrificial rituals and perpetual deception. Sacrifices, aka humans, are chosen to appease the monstrous beings. The deliberate isolation and secrecy shroud the truth, leaving inhabitants vulnerable and helpless.

To live in Blood-C‘s nightmarish dystopia is to navigate a landscape where every shadow conceals a gruesome secret and every moment is tinged with the looming threat of supernatural terror. It’s a realm where fear and despair intertwine, creating an environment that proves both challenging and detrimental for any unfortunate soul who calls it home.

Running the risk of being torn apart by a bloodthirsty giant bunny doesn’t seem like a world you want to live in. 

Sunday without God – Immortality and Stagnation

Sunday without God
Sunday without God

Why you don’t want to live here: Immortality and Stagnation, Absence of Reproduction, Lack of Purpose and Meaning, Decay and Desolation, Emotional Isolation and Loss, Moral Dilemmas and Ethical Challenges

Imagine a world abandoned by God, where you cannot die, and humanity is left to endure an existence devoid of natural cycles. In the realm of Sunday Without God, immortality prevails, and individuals are cursed to endure an eternal, stagnant life. The absence of death robs them of personal growth and motivation, creating a landscape where purpose and meaning are elusive. Unable to reproduce, the population dwindles, and a sense of despair permeates the air, casting a shadow over any hope for the future.

The post-apocalyptic scenery is one of decay, desolation, and dwindling resources, making survival a constant struggle. The moral fabric of this world is torn, with ethical challenges blurring boundaries and leading to moral nihilism. 

Living in this desolate landscape, devoid of the natural rhythms of life, becomes a harrowing journey where immortality is both a curse and a prison. In Sunday Without God‘s bleak and disheartening environment, the decline of humanity is palpable, making it an exceedingly challenging and detrimental world for anyone unfortunate enough to call it home.

Hellsing Ultimate – Vampire Hunting Organization

Hellsing Ultimate
Hellsing Ultimate

Why you don’t want to live here: Constant Threat of Supernatural Beings, Rampant Violence and Destruction, Corrupt Organizations and Political Intrigue, Ethical Dilemmas and Loss of Humanity, Religious Fanaticism and Extremism, Psychological and Emotional Toll

Welcome to the nightmarish realm of Hellsing Ultimate, where humanity coexists with bloodthirsty vampires, ghouls, and supernatural horrors. In this world, the constant threat of powerful supernatural beings looms large and ordinary humans live in perpetual fear of becoming prey. The battles between the Hellsing Organization and supernatural factions bring not only violence but widespread destruction, leaving entire cities in ruins and innocent lives lost in the crossfire.

However, the dangers extend beyond the supernatural. The very organization tasked with protecting humanity, the Hellsing Organization, is plagued by corruption, internal conflicts, and hidden agendas. This political intrigue adds a layer of complexity, compromising the safety of ordinary humans and fostering a pervasive atmosphere of distrust. The ethical dilemmas faced by characters, grappling with the consequences of their actions create a world where right and wrong are no longer clear.

Religious fanaticism and extremism further darken the landscape, as twisted factions exploit supernatural forces for their own agendas, unleashing chaos and persecution. In this grim reality, the psychological and emotional toll on humans is immense. Constant exposure to violence, fear, and the loss of loved ones leads to widespread psychological instability and emotional anguish. 

Living in a world where every corner is shadowed by supernatural threats, corrupt organizations, ethical dilemmas, and religious extremism would be an exceedingly challenging and detrimental experience for your health.

Attack on Titan – Man-Eating Titans

Attack on Titan
Attack on Titan

Why you don’t want to live here: Titan Threat, Walls and Confinement, Loss of Loved Ones, Political Corruption and Power Struggles, Lack of Information and Ignorance, Constant Warfare and Desperation

One of the most dangerous worlds on this list is the realm of Attack on Titan, where humanity teeters on the edge of extinction, besieged by colossal Titans with an insatiable hunger for destruction. 

The colossal walls, once symbols of protection, become stifling confines, fostering overpopulation and limiting freedom. The constant fear of Titan breaches creates an atmosphere of claustrophobia and despair. In this world, political corruption runs rampant, and powerful factions vie for control, treating ordinary lives as pawns. The deliberate suppression of information leaves individuals vulnerable and manipulated, heightening the sense of constant danger and insecurity.

Engaging in a perpetual struggle for survival, you’ll endure ongoing warfare, facing desperate situations and resource depletion. The atmosphere is one of unrelenting conflict, trauma, and the decline of hope. 

The world of Attack on Titan is not just a battleground against colossal Titans. It’s a harsh and unforgiving environment where fear, sorrow, and despair prevail. 

Higurashi – Cursed Murderous Cycles


Why you don’t want to live here: Endless Cycle of Violence, Loss of Trust and Paranoia, Psychological Torture and Mental Instability, Supernatural Entities and Curse, Loss of Innocence and Childhood, Lack of Hope and Desperation

Higurashi takes place in Hinamizawa, a village cursed by a cycle of brutality and paranoia. In this world, the boundaries of reality blur as residents are trapped in an unending loop of suffering, with each iteration ending in gruesome murders and the unraveling of dark secrets. 

Living here means enduring psychological torture, navigating a landscape of paranoia and betrayal, and confronting supernatural forces that defy explanation. The loss of innocence and the absence of hope create an atmosphere of fear and despair, making Higurashi a nightmarish and dangerous environment where humanity’s very existence is threatened. It’s a place where time itself becomes a malevolent force, and escape from the harrowing cycle seems impossible.

Neon Genesis Evangelion – Threatening Angelic Entities

Neon Genesis Evangelion
Neon Genesis Evangelion

Why you don’t want to live here: Constant Threat of Angel Attacks, Psychological Burden and Mental Strain, Government Conspiracy and Manipulation, Loss of Identity and Isolation, Existential Themes and Despair, Ethical Dilemmas and Sacrifice

Step into the bleak and apocalyptic world of Neon Genesis Evangelion at your own risk. Here humanity faces existential threats from celestial beings known as Angels. In this universe, the constant threat of Angel attacks looms large, creating an atmosphere of perpetual fear. 

Pilots of the bio-mechanical units, Evangelions, bear an immense psychological burden, sacrificing their sanity to confront deep-seated fears. The shadowy world of government conspiracy and manipulation adds to the challenges, as organizations prioritize hidden agendas over humanity’s welfare. Isolation and a loss of personal identity characterize the lives of Evangelion pilots, leading to profound loneliness. 

Existential themes fill the atmosphere, questioning the purpose of existence and contributing to an overarching sense of despair. Ethical dilemmas and sacrifices further darken the landscape, creating a world that is not only physically dangerous but emotionally and existentially harrowing. 

Living here means navigating a landscape where fear and despair are the norm, making it an exceedingly challenging and detrimental world for you to inhabit.

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