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Lost in Translation: 10 Anime with Discontinued English Dubs

World Trigger 2
World Trigger 2
Find out why these anime got their English dub discontinued. From controversial content to licensing woes, explore why these shows disappeared.

English dubbed anime has come a long way since its first dub series. With each show, every frame holds a promise of adventure, love, and fighting spirit. But unfortunately, some tales are left incomplete—their voices abruptly silenced. The enigma of discontinued dubbed anime haunts fans, leaving us yearning for conclusions that never arrived. Let’s dive into the captivating stories of several anime that faced an untimely demise, unveiling the hidden reasons behind their discontinuation.

Interspecies Reviewers – A Perverse Odyssey

Interspecies Reviewers

Step into a realm where diverse races coexist, each with their alluring succu-girls, in Interspecies Reviewers. The series follows a fearless group of adventurers on a mission to assess the appeal of succu-girls through hands-on research.

Regrettably, fans of the dubbed version could not follow the adventures of the characters as FUNimation pulled the plug after only three episodes, citing the explicit content did not meet their standards. The English-dubbed version, which premiered with the first episode on their streaming platform, vanished, leaving fans in the dark about the fate of the eccentric reviewers and their intimate escapades. But you can watch the first episode, “A Hot ‘n Heavy Debate About Elf and Human MILFS“, dubbed in English on Amazon Prime.

Toriko – A Gourmet Quest Cut Short


In the delectable world of Toriko, where mountains are ice cream and hamburgers grow from the ground, Toriko and Chef Komatsu embark on a quest for the finest dishes. However, this culinary journey abruptly halted after 50 episodes of the English dub. FUNimation mysteriously stopped releasing episodes in May 2013, leaving Toriko fans with an incomplete feast. The cause for this discontinuation is unclear, sparking debates among fans hungry for more gourmet adventures.

Slam Dunk – Dunked in Dub Limbo

Slam Dunk

Hanamichi Sakuragi’s slam-dunking journey from basketball hater to enthusiast captivated fans in Slam Dunk. However, the Toronto-based English dub faced an unexpected end after only 20 episodes. The dubbed version, initially intended for broadcast, was abruptly canceled after the release of four DVD volumes. With more episodes already recorded, the decision to halt the dub at episode 20 remains shrouded in mystery, leaving Slam Dunk dub fans on the bench, craving to complete Hanamichi’s sports odyssey.

Animax Asia produced an alternate dub for broadcast on their Southeast Asian channel. However, this dub was incomplete and only covered up to Episode 83.

Searching for the Full Moon – Silenced Melodies

Searching for the Full Moon

In Searching for the Full Moon, Mitsuki Kouyama dreams of becoming a professional singer, battling throat cancer to fulfill her promise to a distant friend. The English dub, licensed and provided by Blue Water Studios, faced an unusual challenge. The subtitled songs resulted in a dub that alternated between English dialogue and Japanese singing, which was one of its most appealing features.

In 2008, Viz Media announced during their New York Comic Con panel that Searching for the Full Moon had been placed on hold. It has been over 15 years since the dub first aired, and there has yet to be news of a completed dub. Leaving Mitsuki’s emotional journey in limbo for North American viewers.

Sgt. Frog – Froggy Hiatus

Sgt. Frog

Sergeant Keroro’s humorous attempts at world domination took an unexpected hiatus in the English-dubbed version. Initially licensed by ADV Films, the series faced a turbulent journey. Despite initial plans for a TV deal, negotiations fell through, leading to a change in hands to FUNimation. However, the dub hit a roadblock at episode 78, with the company declaring it “now on hiatus.” Fans were left wondering when or if the quirky frog and his platoon would resume their comedic invasion.

Tokyo Mew Mew – Mew Mew Mystery

Tokyo Mew Mew

Ichigo Momomiya’s transformation into the cat-eared magical girl, Mew Ichigo, faced an unforeseen obstacle in North America. 4Kids Entertainment’s Mew Mew Power, a heavily edited and dubbed version, encountered licensing challenges. Despite 23 episodes airing on 4Kids TV in the U.S. and 26 on YTV in Canada, the remaining 26 episodes never saw the light of day in North America. The magical girl’s fight against aliens remained incomplete, leaving fans yearning for the missing Mew Mew adventures.

Fist of the North Star – Unfinished Apocalypse

Fist of the North Star

In the post-apocalyptic world of Fist of the North Star, Kenshirou’s quest for revenge took a hit in the English dub. Animaze, tasked with dubbing the series for Manga Entertainment, only completed 36 episodes. The licensing limitations and unclear home video sales seemingly dictated the decision to halt Kenshirou’s journey prematurely, leaving dub fans in suspense about the fate of their irradiated savior.

World Trigger – Fugitive Arc Dilemma

World Trigger

Super GALS! – Gal Power Cut Short

Super GALS!

Ran Kotobuki’s fashionable crime-fighting adventures met an unexpected adversary as ADV Films ceased distribution after 26 episodes. Super GALS! lost its English voice, leaving Ran’s gal-powered escapades incomplete for Western audiences. The reason behind Ran’s Shibuya exploits remains elusive to dub fans, adding an extra layer of mystery.

Mobile Police Patlabor: The New Files – Disrupted Patrol

Mobile Police Patlabor The New Files

The cybernetic crime-fighting squad of Patlabor: The New Files faced disruption in its English dub. Central Park Media dubbed only four episodes before releasing the rest subtitled, leaving dub fans with an incomplete follow-up to the original Patlabor TV series. Besides the supernatural and personal challenges the squad faced, the reason behind this decision is simple: poor sales.

Anime’s Unfinished Stories

As we wrap up our journey through these discontinued anime tales, it’s like leaving a good book mid-chapter, isn’t it? The mystery behind why these shows got cut off leaves us itching for closure. But hey, if you’re craving some complete anime satisfaction, hop over to our page of complete English dubs—no cliffhangers, just pure dub goodness. So, while we wait for these interrupted stories to come back to life, let’s dive into some completed adventures and keep the anime spirit alive!

FAQs Discontinued English Dubs

Are there any chances of these anime getting dubbed again?
Unfortunately, the chances are slim. Licensing issues, controversial content, and financial constraints have kept these anime in dub limbo.

Did the fans’ reactions play a role in the discontinuation decisions?
While fan reactions may influence decisions, the primary factors often relate to licensing, financial viability, and content controversies.

Are there alternative ways to watch these anime in English?
Some series may have fan-dubbed versions available online. However, official English dubs for the remaining episodes of these anime are scarce.

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