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The 5 Most Twisted Anime Maternal Figures

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Unveil the top 5 most depraved and cruel mothers in anime history – prepare to meet the ultimate villains of motherhood.

Motherhood is often portrayed as a beautiful and nurturing role in media, but in anime, there are some mothers who are far from that. These 5 Worst Anime Mothers are the epitome of twisted and sadistic, as they attempt to kill their own children, use them as pawns, or raise them as food for demons. Join me as we delve into their dark and tragic stories.

Ragyo Kiryuin - Kill la Kill

worst anime mothers ragyo kiryuin kill la kil

Ragyo Kiryuin, the mother of Satsuki and Ryuko in Kill la Kill, is the epitome of an abusive and neglectful anime mother. She is a sadistic and power-hungry woman who uses her children as pawns in her quest for domination.

Ragyo’s actions toward her daughters are cruel and manipulative, leading them to develop a deep-seated hatred toward her. She also participates in sexual abuse towards her own daughters, further highlighting the disturbing nature of their mother-daughter relationship. Ragyo Kiryuin is undoubtedly one of the worst anime mothers, and her actions in Kill la Kill serve as a reminder of the devastating impact that neglect and abuse can have on children.

Medusa Gorgon - Soul Eater

worst anime mothers medusa gorgon soul eater

Medusa Gorgon, the manipulative and cruel mother from the popular anime series Soul Eater, has garnered a reputation as one of the worst anime mothers. Her callous treatment of her child, Crona, is a prime example of her monstrous behavior. Crona is subjected to horrific experiments at the hands of their mother, who replaces their blood with black blood and punishes them by locking them up in a dark room if they refuse to follow her orders.

Moreover, Medusa views her child as a tool to achieve her goals, showing little concern for their well-being. Medusa only seems to care about Crona when it benefits her, such as when she needs to spy on the DWMA.

Her manipulation and cruelty have no bounds and serve as a cautionary tale about the lasting effects of parental abuse and neglect on a child’s mental health.

Saika Gasai - The Future Diary

worst anime mothers saika gasai the future diary

In The Future Diary, the character of Saika Gasai displays some of the most disturbing and twisted behavior of any anime mother. Her obsession with having the perfect daughter drives her to commit unspeakable acts against her child, Yuno.

Saika’s cruel treatment of Yuno includes locking her up in a cage, depriving her of food, and treating her like an animal. Saika’s husband’s absence due to work only exacerbates her frustrations and loneliness, which she takes out on Yuno by being overly strict and calling her a bad daughter. As a result of this abuse, Yuno’s mental state deteriorates, and she descends into madness.

Throughout the course of The Future Diary, viewers witness the extremes of Yuno’s capabilities, both impressive and horrifying. However, the root cause of her troubled upbringing becomes evident with her mother’s disturbing behavior. Saika is a control freak who wants the perfect daughter at any cost. She goes to great lengths to mold Yuno to fit her vision, treating her like an animal and disregarding her well-being.

In the end, Saika’s actions catch up with her, and Yuno exacts her revenge by placing her parents in the same cage where she had kept her daughter captive. Saika’s twisted parenting methods serve as a grim reminder that nurture can often have a more profound impact on a child’s development than nature. It is clear that Yuno’s upbringing by her mother contributed significantly to her troubled psyche.

Isabella – The Promised Neverland

worst anime mothers isabella the promised neverland

Isabella, the caretaker of an orphanage in The Promised Neverland, appears to be a loving mother figure to the children in her care. However, it’s soon revealed that she’s complicit in a dark secret: the orphanage is actually a farm, and the children are being raised to be slaughtered for their brains, which are considered a delicacy by their demon captors.

Although Isabella is revealed to be the mastermind behind this horrific scheme, it’s also revealed that she only complied out of fear for her own life. Despite this, it’s hard to excuse her actions, especially since she seemed to revel in her role as a “mother” to the children who were essentially being raised as food.

As the series progresses, Isabella’s true motives become clearer, and it’s clear that she only rebelled against the demons when it was convenient for her own survival rather than when it would have been beneficial for the children. While her fear may be understandable, forgiving her for being complicit in such a heinous system is… challenging.

Irene Belserion - Fairy Tail

worst anime mothers irene belserion fairy tail

The character of Irene Belserion from Fairy Tail is a complex and troubled anime mother. Her story shows how power and ambition can corrupt a person’s character and twist their values.

Initially, Irene was a normal person who discovered Dragon Slayer magic and became a master of it. However, this power eventually consumed her and turned her into a monstrous version of herself. Even her husband was afraid of her.

After being captured and tortured, Irene was transformed into a human by Zeref, but she was still pregnant. Instead of seeing her unborn child as a precious daughter, she viewed it as a vessel to contain her own soul. Her ultimate goal was to create a new body for herself. She abandoned her child when she failed to transfer her soul into the new body, leaving her to become enslaved.

The tragic and disturbing relationship between Irene and her daughter Erza is a testament to how far a mother can fall when consumed by ambition and power. Irene’s actions make her one of the most twisted and sadistic anime mothers in recent memory.

Appreciate Your Mom (Figure)

worst anime mothers happy mothers day

While the five anime mothers discussed above are prime examples of what not to do as a parent, it’s important to remember that they are fictional characters. In real life, most mothers are loving and caring individuals who work tirelessly to provide for their children.

With Mother’s Day approaching, it’s the perfect time to show your appreciation for the mother figure in your life. Whether it’s a small token of appreciation or a grand gesture, taking the time to express your gratitude will mean the world to her. So, while these anime mothers may leave a sour taste in our mouths, let’s not forget to celebrate the amazing mothers who make our lives brighter every day.

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