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Ajin: Demi-Human

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Zuleika Boekhoudt

Is one of those anime that the characters are more entertaining than the story itself. For the central theme of the story itself, it’s not that unique, especially in this genre. Similar are blade of the immortal and Kurozuka. For the plot itself, everything is in a slow/fast paced manner, you feel like everything is happening so quickly, but nothing is going on until the end. There is a running gag with one of the characters not knowing how to shoot, so there is that comic relief after all that violence. The anime does show how the media gives too much attention to an, which in turn, has a damaging effect on the people involved.

For the characters, those who like movie cliché will enjoy Satou’s evil voice (muahahaha). Almost everyone is a jerk so no good vs. evil, but asshole vs. more of an asshole. On top of that, there’s Kei, who you would think is a helpless nerd, but in reality is so much logical. The other characters are evil or are who they are just for the heck of it. Although, the stereotypical bad guy in movies, without explaining why. One of the characters that peaked my curiosity was Kaito, how in the world can this person survive such accidents? Is he human? Is he an Ajin?. The anime just drops him after a few episode and never mentions him again.

Those who are familiar with Knights of Sidonia will experience the same animation with Ajin. Even though they are similar (made studio; Polygon Pictures) Knights of Sidonia took place in space. Thus, the darkness of the background did not bother the character’s movement. Although this is another style, it did seem like a beginner/amateur work especially during the daylight scenes. On the plus side, it’s nice to see a bit of hair movement instead of the usual spike/hair sprayed hair.

In all Ajin is more about the character than the story itself. Hope for the second season the writers give more of background story, especially for Kei and Kaito.

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