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A Review by
Brian B.T. Thompson

So I recently finished watching Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad…and I have to say that there’s only one thing I hated about it: THAT I DIDN’T WATCH THIS SOONER! I love coming-of-age stories like this. Beck is like a good movie that wouldn’t sell well at the box office… but would definitely be a cult classic. I looked at this in the dub and I have to say that Greg Ayres is awesome as the lead character Koyuki, as was Brina Palencia as Maho( I love her voice) This is a great dub. You gotta love to hear stories about how bands got together and the obstacles that they had to jump in order to be successful.

I usually don’t do this for anime I just saw, but overall, Beck gets a 10/10. I’ll have to watch this in the sub at some point. I highly recommend if you haven’t seen it.

Streaming on Funimation.com and available on DVD as part of the S.A.V.E. edition for a cheap price.

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