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If you are looking for a series filled with all of this as well as guns, violence and non-stop action look no further, Black Lagoon will give you all of that and then some.
Story 7/10

Black Lagoon takes place in the fictional city of Roanapur, a place filled with Gangsters, Mercenaries, Bounty Hunters and other criminals. The City revolves around three Mafia Syndicates, The Triads, The Yakuza and a Section of the Russian Mafia known as Hotel Moscow, these three gangs seem to operate smoothly with each other but things quickly turn on their heads as we learn all three gangs are secretly trying to get the upper hand on each other. Black Lagoon focuses on a small Group of Pirates caught up in the middle of everything, The Lagoon Trading Company, these pirates will take up dangerous jobs for anyone willing to pay them often leading to fire fights, mishaps, chase scenes and explosions!

Characters 8/10

The show focuses on four main characters, Revy, Rock, Dutch and Benny, these four characters make up the Lagoon Trading Company, all of these characters have an interesting back story and all four play a very major role in the series, Revy is one of the best gun-wielders in the city with her two handguns which led to her nick-name of Two-Hands. Dutch, the calm, collective, intelligent and ruthless leader of the Lagoon Company, his critical thinking is essential for success of missions, Benny the Ships Mechanic handles intelligence and reconnaissance along with repairs, and Rock the newest member also uses his intelligence and situational adaptation to his advantage. But what makes Black Lagoon’s even more interesting is the recurring Characters such as Hotel Moscow’s leader Balalaika, The Triad’s leader Mr. Chang and Eda of The Rip-Off Church along with numerous others. The surprising Character Development of Rock and Revy is also very well done.

Pacing 10/10

Without a doubt one of the best things about Black Lagoon is it’s pacing, it is non-stop action from start to finish, filled with action, twists, turns and violence. As soon as Black Lagoon starts it won’t let up and you will find yourself engaged with the series very quickly.

Acting 10/10

Madman Entertainment did a brilliant job of the English Dubbed adaptation, so much in fact that this series is widely accepted by fans to be a rare instance of a Dubbed version of an amine that is better than an original Japanese Production. Whilst the characters are portrayed greatly across the series there are several notable performances that stand out for me, such as the voices of Dutch (Dean Redman), Eda (Lisa Ann Beley) and Balalaika (Patricia Drake) but the best of the best has to be Revy, a very difficult character to portray, Maryke Hendrikse does an unbelievable job at capturing everything about the characters essence, and is one of the best Voice Acting performances I have ever experienced.

Animation 9/10

The Animation in Black Lagoon is top notch, quality design throughout the show with Fight-Scenes, Shoot-outs and Car Chases particularly expertly done.

Overall 8/10

Whilst Black Lagoon doesn’t have the amazing complex stories of Series’ such as One Piece, Steins;Gate and Death Note, this series more then makes up for it with it’s amazing characters, awesome pacing and voice acting as well as a very accurate portrayal of the Underworld, if you are looking for a series filled with all of this as well as guns, violence and non-stop action look no further, Black Lagoon will give you all of that and then some.



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