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Edal Featured Images 1024x640 Danganronopa
Edal Featured Images 1024×640 Danganronopa
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A Review by

Mando Tellez

*Anime Related/Review* Hey folks,I finally finished watching Danganronpa The Animation Series based off the Video Game and Wow I enjoyed it! I have played the game on the Vita a year ago so I took that in mind when watching the show.Even though I already knew the whole story,it was still awesome seeing it all played out! First thing to point out for those that have played the game. Bryce Papenbrook was the only VA that returned to this series as Makoto Naegi. Everyone else from the game have been replaced from their roles. Even so,the new roles that were taken in the show all did an amazing job! Definitely worth checking out! As for the ending *No worries,no spoiler here* Let’s just hope it continues in the next one!

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