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Gigguk Anime Parodies, Satirical Reviews and Opinions

Edal Featured Images 1024x640 Gigguk Anime Parodies, Satirical Reviews And Opinions
Edal Featured Images 1024×640 Gigguk Anime Parodies, Satirical Reviews And Opinions

Home of The Anime Zone and EvAbridged! Here you’ll find satirical fast talking anime reviews, rants or anything else I feel like at the time. Videos come out…anytime I feel like it. Sorry, I’m just a lazy bastard like that. Feel free to request an anime, and if it is heavily requested enough or peaks my interest I might consider doing a video on it, though keep in mind I won’t reviews anime that haven’t finished yet (SO NO ONE PIECE!)

Hey look it’s that abridged thing I tried to do monthly but completely failed. Today you get all of Re:Zero in a shiny 8 minute little package.

New series I am starting up, it’s kinda like an abridged thing, but with the entire series. It’s called Anime in Minutes. Today I condense the whole of SAO in under 5 minutes.

Today it’s the next episode of the abridged not abridged thing, Anime in Minutes! Today I condense both seasons of Tokyo Ghoul in 5 minutes.

Welcome to the first episode of every frame a Naruto, as you thought I wasn’t being genuine in my last video. This video is not sponsored.

What if anime descriptions actually told you what you really need to know about an anime? Well, here ya go. Don’t forget to give me you best description to your favourite shitty waifu.

Don’t ask me which parts of this video were my genuine thoughts cause even I don’t know anymore. Spoilers for Code Geass in this video.

This Video was Sponsored and Approved by Naruto Online. Play the game at http://bit.ly/2f0WuRu

I came here fore laughs, not for education.

Today I talk about my impressions on Re:Zero as a whole now that the series is over. Does this count as a review? Maybe, you decide.

Today I look at the Gainax title Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt…with many many dick jokes

Something something butt wrestling something something gay people on ice something something Gigguk your content is shit now.

Literally everything I want to see in anime. Probably. I might’ve missed something, who knows.

anime line up

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