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Hellsing Ultimate, A Review By Nick Elvy

Edal Featured Images 1024x640 Hellsing Ultimate
Edal Featured Images 1024×640 Hellsing Ultimate
Hellsing Ultimate is a much watch for fans of the Action Anime Genre.

Story 8/10

Hellsing Ultimate centres around The Hellsing Organisation, which was set up to protect England from Vampires, Ghouls and other creatures of the night. The series starts off with Hellsing’s Alucard, who himself is a vampire travelling with his new assistant Seras Victoria eliminating threats across the United Kingdom. But things quickly take a massive turn for the worst when Hellsing come across a familiar enemy known as “Millenium”.

Thanks to some help from their rivals The Iscariot Organisation of the Vatican, Hellsing learn Millenium is the last Battalion of the 3rd Reich (Nazis), and is led by a Vampire known as Major who leads a small army of Vampires and Ghouls, who are planning an invasion of London, England. Alucard is tasked with taking out Millennium’s Vampires, who are very highly skilled and unique in their own way. After being dealt some major blows by Alucard outside of England, Millenium quickly move past these obstacles and successfully launch a full scale attack on London, England which results in millions of casualties. With London in complete chaos it is up to The Hellsing Organisation to prevent any further devastation on England.

Characters 9/10

The Characters play a very major role in Hellsing Ultimate, the series focuses on three groups, The Hellsing Organisation, The Iscariot Organisation and Millenium. The series mainly focuses on The Hellsing Organisation and their four top members, Sir Integra Hellsing, the ruthless and collected leader of the Organisation, she is also the master of Alucard. Next we have Alucard, seen as Hellsing’s Trump Card he is the most powerful vampire of all time and is a master of his dual handguns but has several restrictions placed in order to keep control over him, but can be lifted by Integra if required. Seras Victoria is the newest member of The Hellsing Organisation, she was turned into a vampire by Alucard after facing certain death, seen as innocent and shy she must learn to let her vampire side become complete in order to be of use to the Organisation, and live as a vampire. Finally we have Walter, The Butler of The Hellsing Family, he is also known as The Angel of Death and is a master vampire slayer, despite his age he is still a very powerful and useful member for Hellsing.

Outside of The Hellsing Organisation there are important characters also, most notably Alexander Anderson also known as The Purifier, he is Iscariot’s most powerful member and is seen as the equivalent of Alucard by The Iscariots and the two are very evenly matched in battle, he is also a master vampire hunter. Another great character is The Major, I feel Hellsing did a very good job in portraying this character as it is very easy to loathe him, his bloodlust, disregard for Human life and love for War make him a very despicable character which is a crucial element to any enemy in my eyes.

Pacing 8/10

Hellsing Ultimate is brilliantly paced throughout the series, though it mostly centres around non-stop action, it will slow down so the viewer can fully grasp situations and character developments.

Acting 9/10

What can I say? Another brilliant all round performance done by Funimation, I liked the fact that they used Voice Actors with British and German accents throughout the series, it made the series feel more real. Stand out performances for me go to Crispin Freeman (Alucard), Integra Hellsing (Victoria Harwood) and Steven Brand (Alexander Anderson).

Animation 10/10

Hellsing Ultimate is excellently done throughout the series, it captures circumstances through it’s style perfectly and has great fight scenes throughout. The Character design is also very well done.

Overall 9/10

Overall Hellsing Ultimate is very well-rounded in my eyes, the action is great and is accompanied by a great storyline and awesome characters. The storyline seems straight forward at first but is full of mystery, plot twists and drama and numerous characters are very well developed throughout. Hellsing Ultimate is a much watch for fans of the Action Anime Genre.


If you love Hellsing Ultimate then Black Lagoon or Gungrave may definitely be worth a watch.

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