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A review

By Robert K Patterson

If this was just about three sisters who like to read, it would probably be a little boring.  However, these girls have the power to manipulate paper which comes in handy when you are trying to save the world.  You need to see the first twenty-six episodes to understand the OVA which  is perhaps the best OVA I’ve ever seen.

Anita, Maggie and Michelle are three sisters who run a detective agency in Hong Kong. The two older sisters (Maggie and Michelle) are crazy about books although Anita is not. Far from being normal detectives, the three are actually paper-users – people with the ability to form and control paper just like Yomiko Readman.

They later find themselves as bodyguards to the author Sumiregawa Nenene, who in turn used to be friends with Yomiko in her younger days. However, as events unravel, they begin to question the very nature of the organizations involved in this whole scheme. What is the mysterious organization Dokusensha, and why does it want certain books retrieved? What do the British and Chinese governments have to do with this? What is the reason behind Yomiko “The Paper” Readman’s sudden disappearance?

In the end, they manage to thwart the British Secret Services plans to take over the world setting up the OVA.

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