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Snow White with the Red Hair

Edal Featured Images 1024x640 Snow White With The Red Hair
Edal Featured Images 1024×640 Snow White With The Red Hair

A Review by

Brian B.T. Thompson

So I took it upon myself to watch Snow White with the Red Hair. Here’s my thoughts on it:

Shirayuki’s name means “Snow White,” but she’s a beautiful girl with red hair who catches the attention of a prince who wants her as a concubine. However, she’s saved by a prince named Zen and in order to repay her debt to him, she studies to become an herbalist at his palace.

I know what you’re thinking. “That sounds nothing like the Snow White I’ve heard before!” No it isn’t, BUT the story is great nonetheless.

Throughout Snow White with the Red Hair, we see the development between Shirayuki and Zen, whom despite their different lives, become very close to one another. Shirayuki is a strong female main character, which I love a lot and her friendship with Zen is what drives this series.

I got a chance to watch the dub and IT IS AMAZING. Brina Palencia does an amazing job a Shirayuki, as does Josh Grelle as Zen. Ian Sinclair, Jamie Marchi and Austin Tindle are also in this, as well as many others.

I gonna give Snow White with the Red Hair an 8/10. I recommend you give this a watch. Streaming on Funimation right now. First season is dubbed, second season is simulcasting and will be apart of Funimation’s broadcast dubs.

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