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The Tales of Zestiria the X

Edal Featured Images 1024x640 The Tales Of Zestiria The X
Edal Featured Images 1024×640 The Tales Of Zestiria The X

A Review

By Robert K. Patterson

Overall Rating 9.5 out of 10

Series Background

The basic series is set in a parallel world whose technology would be the equivalent of the middle-ages before gunpowder.   In this parallel world, events revolve around the malevolence created by human beings.  This malevolence creates creatures called hellions.

Hellions range in strength from very weak to very powerful.  Also in this world, there are human beings much like the ones you know and love here on planet Earth and beings called Seraphim who are spiritual beings that humans cannot see or hear.

One additional note; two of the episodes are about an unrelated character called Velvet Crowe.  She is a deamoneater who seeks revenge against the person who killed her brother.

The Main Characters

In the beginning of the series, there are three main characters; Sorey (a human raised by Seraphim who can see and hear them), Mikleo, who is a Seraphim and Sorey’s best friend and Alishia who is ,thrown into their world by a series of calamitous events.  She is the Princess of Hyland and a very skilled warrior.

There is also Rose who is a merchant by day and assassin by night.  Lailah, who is a Seraphim and entitled Lady of the Lake.   She is the keeper of the blade that must be extracted from stone to determine who the next Shepard will be.   There is Edna (also a Seraphim) who’s brother was turned into a dragon by malevolence.  Chancellor Bartlow is a cowardly politician who seeks power and is willing to wage war to get it.  There is also Gramps (a Seraphim) who’s blessing allows the Seraphim to lead a peaceful existence high atop the mountains.

The Story

The story starts with Princess Alishia witnessing horrific events like tornadoes so powerful, they actually rip out and throw huge boulders into the air.  She ends up stumbling upon Ellisium, the capitol of the Seraphim.  She meets Sorey but he is the only person she can see and hear.  Both Sorey and Alishia are followers of a book called “The Celestial Records”.  This is as far as I can go without adding spoilers.


The graphics are excellent.  The story has a few holes in it as it is only thirteen episodes long but is otherwise very good.  For the same reason character development is a little limited but is acceptable.  Lastly, season one concluded excellently while leaving enough on the bone for season two.

The thing I really liked about this series is each episode is better than the previous one.  It moves along at a fast clip.  It was announced there will be a season two.



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