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Unbreakable machine doll

Edal Featured Images 1024x640 Unbreakable Machine Doll
Edal Featured Images 1024×640 Unbreakable Machine Doll

A review by

Robert K. Patterson

Genre: Action, Adventure

This series is only twelve episodes long and unfortunately, season two has been cancelled as of 01/18/2016.  The main character, Raysin Akabane, seems to always be coming to the rescue of damsels in distress.  If you have seen A Certain Magical Index, he reminds me a lot of Touma.  Always trying to aid in hopeless causes and ending up in the hospital a lot.

In the world of Steampunk victorious miracles of science it does not surprise anyone. At the dawn of the New Age alternative alchemy fused with mechanics and gave birth to the “automatic”, which we would call familiar, robots or cyborgs. Primitive machines – a doll, which gives the operator the team and the most advanced – these artificial person possessing the mind and its own magic. To create these creatures, dreams of the rulers and the military, to go on the verge of the laws of nature, fusing elements of magic soulless and living flesh, but that does not make for the sake of power and authority!

17-year-old Raysin Akabane ommёdzi of an ancient family in one night lost his family. Man rescued Shoko Karyusay genius and master of mysterious woman. Akabane gave the floor to serve her, and in return got the opportunity to pay for the relatives. First, it was necessary to train a new partner Yayey – one of the best works of Shoko, android, fighter, indistinguishable from humans. And then came the real work – to infiltrate the British Royal Academy, the famous school of magicians, where hidden killer Raysina family. During the local tournament, Walpurgis Night, a meeting with krovniki inevitable – unless, of course, the hot guy eastern curb rapidly emerging harem!

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