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Your Lie in April

Your Lie in April
Your Lie in April

A review by

Klumps O’Plenty

Just finished Your Lie in April (Trying to avoid **SPOILERS** but be warned)…

My chest hurts a lot (And NOT just from my sedimentary lifestyle)… This show will hurt you. Hurt you bad. But aside from the pain… I genuinely enjoyed this series.

It had some very funny moments and was incredible touching. SAD SAD SAD. I mean.. Even the damned cat!! (i had to stop it and collect myself for a few! Lol) The character development was spot on, you really get to know and care about them quite quickly, but it wasnt rushed. They touched on some of your usual anime ‘tropes’ but in a fresh way and they didnt over use them.. The animation style was cool and i Really enjoyed all the music.

I will admit some of the conversations could be hard to follow (They REALLY liked using their ‘inner monologues’ during convos.) The ending also felt a little rushed (but i have that issue with a fair amount of anime) it could have used 2-3 more episodes to wrap up completely… Although to be fair i would have just like some more of it hahaha! Aside from that it was borderline perfect. If you need a good cry this show is for you!

I give it a 9.5/10.. Typical ranking items.. Stars? Thumbs up? Jiggling Ecchi Bits? Your choice.

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