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Voices of the voices by the “Ohio Boys” (175 Voice Actor Interviews)

Vic Mignogna Interview – Full Metal Alchemist & Anime Voice Acting

Inside the Voice Actor Studio – Chris Sabat Interview

Pokémon: Voice Actors, Behind The Scenes & Series Overview

Behind the scenes of Bleach – Part 1

Behind the scenes of Bleach – Part 2

Behind the scenes of Bleach – Part 3

Johnny Yong Bosch Does Character Voices

Death Note English Voice Actors- Light, Kiyomi Takada, and Teru Mikami

The Voices Behind Naruto, Sasuke & Temari!

Todd Haberkorn (Natsu from Fairy Tail) talks The Movie

Cherami Leigh Interview – The Voice of Asuna and Lucy!

One Piece – In the Booth with Brina Palencia (Chopper)

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