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Chucky Dehart’s top picks for 2015

English Dubbed Anime Lovers fairy tail
English Dubbed Anime Lovers fairy tail
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My top 5 anime’s I’ve watched in 2015 .keep in mind I’m still a relative noob when it comes to anime and this was the year i really got into anime

1.attack on titan
2.fairy tail
3.black lagoon
4.soul eater
5.full metal alchemist

honarable mentions which i also loved – claymore ,freezing ,high school of the dead date a live dead man wonderland ,elfen lied ai yori aoshi+ gurren lagann . 2016 i plan to expand and watch many many more animes than i did in 2015

my top 10 fave. female anime characters i’ve discovered in 2015

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1.erza scarlet -fairy tail
2.mikasa ackerman -attack on titan
3.revy-black lagoon
4.teresa of the faint smile-claymore
5.satellizer el bridget-freezing
6. tsubaki -soul eater
7.maka albarn -soul eater
8.roberta -black lagoon
9.winry rockbell full metal alchemist
10.riza hawkeye -full metal alchemist

honorable mentions -lucy- +cana fairytail lucy elfen lied shiro-deadman wonderland ,balalaika-black lagoon

anime line up

sbluu cosplay

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