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The World Only God Knows

Edal Featured Images 1024x640 The World Only God Knows
Edal Featured Images 1024×640 The World Only God Knows
A Review by

Teresa Davis


KeimaKatsuragi is the master of dating sims, known as the God of Conquest. He is one recruited by a demon from hell named Elsie to help her capture lost souls that escaped from hell, which are hiding in the empty hearts of humans. Keima refuses and has a collar placed around his neck and if he does not participate the collar will explode. In order to expel the lost souls Keima must fill the emptiness in their hearts along with his demon partner Elsie.
The story differs from most harem anime in that the story all ties together in a way to make a cohesive story. The story actually goes some place instead of just throwing a bunch of fan service at you and calling it a plot. In truth there isn’t even a lot of fan service at all in this anime, it more focuses on the characters, which I liked. The first two seasons seem like they’re going nowhere at first but they tie in well to the 3rd season.

In terms of characters this is where I feel the anime shines in terms of it being a harem to me. Keima is our lead male character and unlike most harem male characters he’s not interested in being around or even looking at girls (at least not real ones) all he wants to do is play his dating sim games. He has a really nice character arc to me. In the beginning he is very disconnected from the real world and real girls. He even states that he dislikes girls in the real world. He bounces from girl to girl making them fall in love with him and has little to no regard for their feelings; it’s just a game to him like the dating sim games he plays. Towards the end he learns through the girls that maybe the real world is not so bad. And the choices he makes impacts the world around him. He starts to see the girls as more than just objects to be conquered but as human being with personalities and emotions.
Our other main characters are the two demons Elsie and Haqua. Elsie is a little clumsily and absent minded but is kind hearted and caring. And Haqua is very harsh on herself, she is aggressive, but has a soft spot for close friends; and is reluctant to accept help from others because she is so independent. There are a lot of girl characters and they all have some kind of inner problem that their dealing with. Like the idol who feels like people will stop listening to her and she will fade out, or the track runner who feels she’s not good enough, or the book girl who can’t seem to find her voice so she stay in the school library reading books all day not speaking to a soul. A main few have good dimensions to their characters and are not just one note.

It is paced well; after a girl is conquered we get a filler episode in between each girl. They weren’t my favorite but they were ok. They give a good amount of time to each girl.

I personally like Keima’s voice actor which was Chris Patton. He did a good job conveying the characters emotions. Although I felt some of the girls voices could have been better chosen but they weren’t bad by any rights.

The animation was good. Nothing really stood out to me as bad. The girls had a nice and varied character designs.
Great show, I would highly recommend you give this one a watch. I can honestly say this is the best harem anime I’ve seen.

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